• Service is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time after the first month.
  • Client-determined monthly click budgets may be raised or lowered at anytime in order to increase or decrease activity.
  • Minimum click budget: $300/mo.
  • Click budgets exceeding $10,000/mo incur additional account management fees.  Call for a negotiable quote.
RankAgent will place your ads across the networks of the three most powerful PPC engines in the world: Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, & Facebook.  Together, these advertising networks reach 89% of the United States online marketplace.  Service includes search engine placement within: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask.com, AOL, Facebook, Netscape, Dogpile, Lycos, Excite, and hundreds of other search engines.  RankAgent accepts payment via Check, PayPal, American Express, VISA, and Mastercard.



        For more information or to setup a new account, you may also call: 847.346.6333

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